Meal planning is the ability to plan batch healthy meals over a period of time, an effort to organise the meal menu of the family without stress and confusion.Naturally I come from a large family, and in my family mealtime is usually an important period for we don’t joke with good food.My grandmother who was always in charge had a lot of mouth to feed, because of this she took it upon herself to go from one market to the other, she always have to plan what to cook and for how many mouth.She was a crafty and canny shopper we always didn’t want to go with her for she starts from one seller to the twentieth and then goes back to the second seller all in the name of bargain hunting. Growing up now I saw the sense and practicality of everything she does back then I love bargain I cant waste money, I need to plan for everything that comes out of my pocket.

In meal planning the goal is to save time and energy, money and prevent wastage of foods.We in my family were lucky to be taught the right and comprehensive culinary skills courtesy of my grandmother. But being a not so good cook does not mean that you can’t plan and make a good meal for your family and loved ones, thank God we are in the computer age whereby you can get recipes online and directions on how to do it.Planning meals the right way, making shopping list and getting the right recipes can go a long way in a bid to know the way to whip up any type of dish anytime of the day without much stress and waste of resources.

Home cooking could be made easy with good and concise recipes. Family meals on busy weeknight and workdays or special dishes for special occasion could be easily attainable with planning your meals properly. Cooking sumptuous, delicious mouth watering delicacy and healthy balanced meals that are cost effective is possible with proper meal planning.

You can make your meals in batches and freeze then later reheating, you can make double quantity, then divide and freeze the second portion, probably in a week or two you can defrost and reheat again it will still be like you just prepared it, this portion can be used as instant lunch or dinner saving time as well as energy and money, this way you bypass the stress of making less healthy meals or buying junk foods.

In meal planning you can select what to cook in a period of time, this enables you to find interesting recipes, study the instructions and inculcate them in your plan of one week.Also in meal planning there is what is called “leftovers”, this idea uses remaining foods or ingredients for future thereby saving money and preventing wastages.

Then there is the issue of budget and the money available to spend on food for the entire family over a period of time, to enjoy this bit you will need to plan and make a shopping list ahead of time to avoid buying expensive or unplanned items.

Stocking your fridge and freezer affords you the privileges of better meal planning, you won’t be short of ingredients when cooking but when you are short of ingredients the best thing to do is improvise

Weekend meals require more elaborate recipes because there is more time to spend in the kitchen preparing meals. Weekends are the times when batch foods are made, this food can last you over 5-7 days, you can prepare 2 to 3 kinds of foods that can be rotated in your plans on weekdays.

When storing foods in freezers its advisable to write or label them with names and dates because it’s very easy to forget you have something lurking behind especially if you have a big freezer.Meal planning is the most cost effective way to stay on budget and avoid unnecessary spending every week, it afford you to plan on how you are going to use your money and time for food, when you go shopping and time spent cooking it, also you find out that you get enough to make you meals without compromising on the flavour and taste.

When you have a big family, a properly planned meal schedule with directions, instructions and well budgeted shopping list will put you on the right track especially if you a super busy person ,it will make life easier and better for everyone.