Over the years going to one party or another i have been coming across puff puff as finger foods as it is meant to be prepared but i have never come across any modification or variant apart from the norm. Dont get me wrong the regular puffpuff is great as it is but there is nothing wrong in creating varieties which is the spice of life.In doing this i did not forget that everything has to be an healthy consumption taking consideration calories intake. Since its all about eating healthy.

Normally puffpuff is a combination of flour meal ,sugar and yeast with other ingredients. In making of puffpuff proofing of the yeast is also important . Because it is imperetive to inculcate air into the mix that is how the name Puffpuff came about,it has to puff up and become well roundef when fried. There are other variations of puffpuff in different cuisine all over the world with different recipe ideas but one thing i know about Nigerian puffpuff is that it does not fail to impress whenever eaten.

So the variant i decided to create is with black unsweetened chocolate with dry shredded coconut. And the puffpuff recipe is low sugar,its good for diabetes and low calorie weight watchers. The dry shredded coconut will add to dietary fiber which is good for the control of cholesterol in the blood and the unsweetened black chocolate is filled with much needed folate and vitamin B couple with other vitamins and minerals. We can as well see this upgrade i have made with the variation of puffpuff types a nutritional fortification in other to make the puffpuff more healthier and tastier.


  • Flour        250 g
  • Sugar.      2 tablespoons (divided )
  • Yeast.       1 teaspoon (fast proofing yeast )
  • Salt.           1 teaspoon
  • Vanilla flavor.     1 sachet
  • Nutmeg.     1 teaspoons
  • Cinnamon.   1 teaspoon
  • Water.           Enough to get a not so thick paste
  • Black Chocolate bar.   100 g
  • Cocoa powder.         100 g
  • Shredded coconut.    25 g

Vegetable oil for frying.        1 litre

Recipe  Instruction for making

Proofing of yeast . This means taking 1 cup of tepid warm water and adding the yeast and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix together and set aside for 10 minutes to rise double its size.

In a mixer put together all ingredients and mix very to a smooth semi paste with warm water. Set aside in a warm dry place to rise for 2 hours.

  • Beause it was fast rising yeast that was used in the mix 2 hours is enough for it to rise double its volume. Set a fryer on high heat without the strainer in it pour your frying in and wait till the oil is hot and start by dipping your hand into the puffpuff paste mix,then forming a ball and dropping into the hot oil and frying,when golden brown all around then its time to transfer and make another round in the fryer.
  • When you are done with the frying put the chocolate with enough water to make a not so thick chocolate leqiuer and put it in the microwave medium heat for 2 minutes bring out and set aside to cool for 5 minutes .put some puffpuff in a serving plate and drizzle the chocolate over it then top with shredded coconut as the icing.
  • Take another portion of chocolate and dip into the chocolate let the chocolate cover the puffpuff round it and bring out to set in the serving plate. Then when you have enough put together get the dry shredded coconut and sprinkle on puffpuff There you have your spiced up choco-puffy with shredded coconut.

My comment

I posted this on my instagram and facebook have gotten so far more 1200 likes and counting . This is an an exciting recipe that is worth trying.

Nutritional value/serving

Calories.     750.6 kcal

Total fat.    45.3 g

Saturated Fat.    5.3 g

Cholesterol.         7.4 mg

Total carbohydrates.    36.4 g

Sodium.              543.7 mg

Dietary Fiber.     17.4 g

Sugars.                20 g

Protein.               28.9 g