Jollof rice or Benachin is a one pot rice  recipe that have conquered so many hearts of Africans and beyond. The jollof rice is enjoyed by many accross the world too.In Ghana it is called wollof rice ,every country have thier nicknames for jollof rice. There are different methods and ways of preparing the jollof rice but the most popular method is to pour parboiled rice into frying gravy sauce and adding stock or water you continue cooking until the rice is tender under medium heat. That is the just the general method of cooking jollof rice,there exist other method even baking in the oven is possible as a means of getting less sticky jollof rice at the end of the day no matter how it is coooked it all boils down to the texture and taste plus asthetic appeal of the cooked rice recipe.

In Nigeria, jollof rice especially party jollof rice,when people attend parties in several parts of the country you dont pray to arrive at the party when jollof rice must have been finished by the rest of the guest because to so many people that is one of the high point of the party so you wouldn’t want to miss it because party jollof rice is one of the best variant of jollof rice.

Nutritionally speaking jollof rice is made up of rice,paprika,pepper,onions and tomatoes of which other mixed vegetables can be optionally added also spices and herbs can be added to give more nutritionally consistent recipe. When cooking jollof rice it is important to buy parboiled rice instead of using non parboiled rice and trying to do precooking of the rice and throwing away the water it was precooked in . This way the heat and water soluble nutrients in the rice is leached into the cooking water and then thrown away. When this is usual practices in rice cooking and recipes it can lead to nutrients deficiency and malnutririon. One of the important deficiency that can result from consuming un parboiled rice is deficiency of  Vitamin B which causes Beri beri. The best way to avoid this is to cook any rice recipe with parboiled rice and not using nonparboiled rice then be sure to cook with enough spices and condiments rich in Vitamin B.The thing is people mistook precooking as parboiling in the kitchen. The term Parboiling according to wikipedia is the rice that has been Partially boiled in the husk. And it is done basically in the farm. There are three main steps of parboiling of rice,which are

  1. Soaking
  2. Steaming
  3. Drying

This steps gives rice a more stable texture in which when cooking the rice the carbohydrates which comes out in form of starch is not leached into the cooking water and then thrown away. It also boost the nutritional value of rice by making sure that during soaking of the rice in the husk with water the Thiamin and other nutrients  into the endosperm by driving the nutrients from the bran into the endosperm thereby increasing the value of nutrients by 50%. So also the texture of rice is made more stronger by steaming and drying before dehulling of the rice. One major characteristics of unparboiled rice is flakiness and breaking,this is why when cooking parboiled rice like basmati the water is not cloudy and starchy.

After parboiling the rice is then polished.parboiling allows rice to be easier polished by hand,allowing shiny texture.

Having said this cooking jollof rice with parboiled rice is better nutritionally and taking preboiling or precooking of rice as parboiling should not be encouraged because these terms means different food processes and should not be confused for one another.

Diet requirement :Normal diet. 

Cuisine :African

Food category : Cereals /grains
Serving : 6 

Preparation time :45 minutes

Cooking time :45 minutes

Cooking temperature :130 degrees celsius.


Parboiled rice              850 g

Olive oil                        150 ml

Aadun seasoning       2 tbsp

Turmeric  powder       1 tsp

Cumin   powder           1  tsp

Dry thymes                   1 tsp  (grounded)

Cinnamon powder     1 tsp

Fennel seeds                1 tsp   (grounded)

Salt                                 3 tsp

Fresh herbs.                 Handful ( chopped)

Green peas                   50 g

Green paprika            1 pcs.         (Chopped)

Yellow paprika.         1 pcs.          (Chopped)

Onions.                         1 large size   (sliced)

Paprika powder        2 tbsp

Tomato puree.            2 tbsp

Stock broth.                 2 cups

Recipe cooking instructions

  • Pour the spices into a bowl add the tomato puree and paprika powder mix together well then some broth or water set aside.
  • Set a non stick cooking pot on the cooker add the olive oil when it begins to sizzle add onions and stir until the onions begins to appear tender.
  • Add the paprika mix to the pot and stir in the remaining stock,then add the fresh herbs too, mix  well and allow to cook bringing it to fry.
  • Add the washed rice ,reason for washing is that most rice is claimed to be parboiled and clean but they are it comes with dirt and dust that needs to be washed. So add the rice and stir well then water and stir again just enough to cover the rice,add more onions  and cover to cook for 30 minutes under medium low temperature.

  • After 30 minutes of cooking add the mixed vegetables stir well and if too dry and the rice is not tender quickly add one cup of water into the sides of the pot by lifting the rice at the sides so water can go down the pot to enhance better cooking and prevent burning.
  • Cook further for 10 minutes and when satisfied tranfer from the cooker to the table serve hot.


Nutrition value

Calories.         450 kcal

Total Fat.      6.3 g

Saturated Fat.    1.4 g

 Cholesterol.        1.7  mg

Sodium.               170.4 mg

Total Carbohydrate.    25.3 g

Dietary Fiber.      15.7 g

Protein.                17.6 g

Sugars.                5.8 g

                  My comment

            You can serve with side dish like salad or coleslaw,fried plantain  and roated or fried chicken.