My first experience of peanut soup was when i followed my grandmother to Republic of Benin, Cotonou to be precised. We were there on festival time shopping,my grandmother was an expert in shopping and mealplanning and she knowing how large the celebration will be in our home then would usually go the extra mile of finding the best at things to cook affordable prices. We were there then with other members of the family and went with a bus. We buy things like bags of rice,catoons of chicken laps and breast,tomato paste and juices etc. But later i became very hungry and tasty because of the stress the old woman had given me since i was mama’s right hand person. So we decided on visiting one of the restaurants in the center of the market,on getting there we ordered for swallow but we were asked what type of soup is our preference the waiter went on to tell us the types of soups they serve and i heared peanut soup so i decided to try it. Though i love the taste and everything but later on getting home it made me stool so much i vowed never to touch it again.

My second experience with peanut soup was when i came to Germany ,i was staying with my uncle and my uncle’s wife though born Nigerian lived her whole adult life in Ghana. She was more a Ghanaian than Nigerian,she was the person that made me know that peanut soup when it is not well cooked will purge when eaten. There is a method to cooking it especially if you are using toasted peanuts. Peanuts butter can also be used if you dont want to go through the whole process. But i prefare to know what goes into my meals so i always use toasted peanuts.

Peanuts nutritionally is rich in energy it contains about 566 kcal per 100 g weight. With anti oxidants,minerals and vitamins plus monosaturated fatty acids especially oleic acids with other nutrients needed for optimal growth and health. Peanuts contains good amount of dietary protein made up of fine quality amino acids that are essential in building blocks of life. In addition it contains anti oxidants that limits and fights stomach cancer by reducing the formation of nitrosamine in the stomach. Resveratrol is also an anti oxidant that reduces risk of developing stroke by altering the mechanism of the blood vessel reducing susceptibility to vascular damage by decreasing the activity of angiotensin an hormone responsible for blood vessel contriction that elevates blood pressure and increasing the production of vasodilator hormone called nitric oxide.100 g of peanuts contains about 8 g of vitamin E. The nuts is also high in vitamin B and its derivatives 100 g of peanuts contains 85% of Rdi of Niacin that contributes to good flow of blood to the brain.

Peanut soup can be enjoyed by all and its also essential for people with high blood pressure and stroke because of its activities in prevention of vascular contriction. 

Serving : 6

Preparation time : 1 hour

Cooking time : 45 minutes

Cooking temperature : medium 


  • Peanuts.                    450 g(roasted)
  • Goatmeat.                500 g (precooked)
  • Stripes/skins.          200 g (precooked)
  • Fresh Paprika.        1 pcs. (Deseeded)
  • Chili powder           1 tbs
  • Fresh tomatoes.     2 large sizes (half)
  • Onions.                     1 large (chopped)
  • Aadun seasoning.  1 tbs
  • Fresh ginger.           1 inch  (grated)
  • Garlic.                       2 cloves (chopped)
  • Salt.                           1 teaspoon


  Recipe preparation and cooking                                  instructions

  •  Pick out the dirts in the roasted peanut wash and add the chopped onions,garlic and ginger. Pour the mix in the blender add some water to facilitates easier blending until smooth.

Pour the blended mix from the blender in a non stick saucepan on the cooker at medium heat start cooking and stairing every 5 minutes until you get thick mix and oil starts showing in the pot. This is a cue that the peanut is now well cooked and ready to be made into soup.

  • Pour your stock broth and some water as the soup thickens after 10 minutes add the precooked meat and add the fresh paprika and tomatoes. Cook further for 30 minutes then the soup is ready to be served hot.

    Nutritional value

    Calories.        344.6 kcal

    Total Fat.       25.5 g

    Saturated Fat.  3.5 g

    Cholesterol.     2 mg

    Sodium.          850.6 mg

    Dietary Fiber.   7.4 g

    Protien.             21.3 g

    Sugars.              4.6 g