I like beans so does my husband but the only problem i have always with beans is the flatulence after effect it has on me. Sometimes it does make me constipate. When i was very young i hated beans so much i no go lie. Every single time my mom would want to force me into eating beans but i always decline,she can only succeed in making me eat beans when she makes it herself. There was a special beans recipe she makes that i love eating not only because its delicious but because it doesnt have that peculier beans after effect on me. That recipe i will keep under wraps till another time,it is definitely a recipe worth sharing.

Back to my beans story when i was little we mostly buy beans on school day for lunch from the roadside or  street food vendors. Back in the day the beans from these food vendors are usually very watery and unappetizing . Couple with the fact that its always filled with dirts ,stones and insect. I was very picky then when it comes to food so i am conveniently always slipping away from the beans sellers stores when my elder ones are not looking to the next woman selling “asaro” yam porridge to buy my own lunch though the yam porrigde is smaller in quantity compare to beans in the same money value but i do not mind if i am not satisfied with the contents of my stomach i would rather drink soaked garri afterwards instead of stomaching the beans. Because i was a tiny child during my primary school days when growing up my mates are always quick to remind me the reason i was tiny and not like them. They will all shout at me that it is because you do not eat beans like we do. Even though they don’t know how beans was responsible for them being taller than i was all they care was in science class our teacher said if you eat beans it will make you grow taller.

Later on in life when i enrolled in college and decided to study Food science and technology in the prestigious Yaba College of Technology.

I got to know about food and food science,nutrition,biochemistry and so on. I got to know the reason behind food and it’s benefits with disadvantages when abused by over eating.

Beans as a delicacy is filled with so many health and dietary advantages but if not processed the right way can be a major turn off and embarassment especially if it does make you fart.

Beans as food is a very affordable source of dietary protein and eating beans regularly may decrease the risk of heart problems,diabetes and colorectal cancer,it’s a good Paleo diet and helps keep obesity at bay. Beans are hearty meals giving you a feeling of fullness so you tend to eat less. Beans contains little to no fat hence no fear of cholesterol when you eat beans intead beans actually tends to lower  cholesterol level in the blood because it contains soluble dietary fiber. In addition to this beans also control blood sugar to keep it balancing out hypo glycemia and preventing diabetes. Beans contains complex protein and carbohydrates that are digested slowly that stabilizes blood glucose and prevent irritability,reduces stress and fatigue in Diabetics. Beans also contains high amount of antioxidants that cuts the risk of cancer,the fiber in beans prevents constipation and ensure good bowel movement,beans is a good food for people who are sensitive to gluten or have gluten intolerance. I could remember back in the day i have an uncle who never touches anything made from wheat flour but can eat beans 10 times a day.

Beans also contains high amount of vitamins and minerals such as copper,folate,manganese,iron,potassium,zinc and phosphorus. In summary beans are a versatile class of food and can be easily incorporated into any dish or cooked alone as one pot dish. You can be creative when it comes to making beans into meals. Vegans or vegetarians can also take advantage of the meat free plant based protein that is packed full in beans.

However,when beans are not well cooked they can  cause flatulence,indigestion and constipation because they contain a particular complex sugar called oligosaccharides which are not easily broken down and absorbed by normal digestive process taking place in the small intestines.

There are ways beans can be prepared to get rid of the undigested oligosaccharides that doesn’t get digested in the small intestine until it gets to the colon where there will be lots of bacteria activities that give rise to gas which causes flatulence. Getting rid of the oligosaccharides in beans involves preprocessing steps such as soaking for atleast 8 hours before cooking this makes the oligosaccharides in the beans leach out into the water and then the water thrown away and the beans washed very well before cooking,by this all complex carbohydrates are gone and the cooked beans can be eaten without fear of flatulence. Soaking beans in water also decreases the phytic content,this is also important point to note because phytic acid binds to other vitamins and minerals making them unavailable to our body for use. In addition beans is best eaten in combination with other classes of food and should be taken in moderate quantity because it is a filling food due to the high fiber content.

If you do not want to soak the beans you can cook it for like  an hour,discard the water you use in cooking and wash very well under running water then add fresh water with lots of onions,some sea weeds or kelp which ever one you choose to use is fine and this even add more vitamins and minerals to the beans in addition to getting rid of the flatulence effects. Adding Baking soda when soaking or cooking helps breakdown the sugar oligosaccharide and it is better advisable to change the water 2 to 3 times afterwards to avoid the sugar being reabsorbed in the water it was soaked in.

In conclusion beans is a great source of protein which is plant based and it’s a food that is easily combined with other classes of foods. And beans comes in various vatieties from brown to black eyed peas,white and black beans, to lentils and chickpeas even green or lima beans too. Ensure to include beans in your diet atleast 3 to 4 times in a week.


Serve:  6

Preparation time:2 hours

Cooking time : 1/30 minutes

Cooking temperature : medium 


  • Nigerian brown beans.                500 g
  • Paprika powder.                             2 tbs
  • Chili powder.                                   1 tsp
  • Red oil.                                               400 ml
  • Onions.                                               2 big 
  • Ripe Plantain.                                  3 pcs
  • Salt                                                      1 tsp
  • Aadun seasoning powder.            1 tsp
  • Baking soda.                                     1/2 tsp
  • Garlic.                                                 2 cloves
  • Ginger.                                               1 inch

Recipe Preparation and cooking                                    instructions.

  • Pick out dirts and stones out of the beans .
  •  Wash the bean and discard the water pour into a cooking pot and start precooking with one onions diced in and the baking soda added with enough water to be above the beans level inside the pot.
  • After precooking for about one hour please discard the water you used in cooking and wash again like twice then diced in the other onions and add salt and chili.
  • Cook further for 15 minutes by this time the beans will start showing the sign of getting tender then add your oil,paprika powder and seasoning with ginger and garlic. Let the beans mix cook for 15 minutes then add your peeled and sliced plantain.
  • Cook further until beans and plantain becomes tender and the mix is thick,stir and turn everything very well to blend together in one mix. 
  • Serve hot.

Nutrition value.

  • Total Fat.            6.3 g
  • Saturated Fat.    2.1 g
  • Cholesterol.        0 mg
  • Sodium.                389.6 mg
  • Calories.              112.6 g
  • Total carb.          37.3 g
  • Dietary Fiber.    12.6 g
  • Protein.               20.5 g
  • Sugars.                6.8 g