I have a a friend whom i have not see in like weeks and the next time we saw was when i was already well into my diet regime,i has lost 3kg . Reason was because of the diet i am currently on which is called”fasting diet” and this involves fasting for two days and eating like half of what you normally  eat the rest of the week. When she saw me she was quick to call my attention to the fat that i had lost some weight in the gut area of the body . I didnt believe her at first until i checked my weight and found out the weight difference from the last time i checked my weight.The fasting diet is not religious in any sense but only nutritional and that includes cutting your total calorie intake by quarter,you still eat normally, not that you will be without food and/water infact during fasting diet you should take alot of green tea,water and fruits that will also help detoxify the system. Then i also stayed away from red meat most of the time even if i had to take i prefer goat meat and i always have to grill with my formulated barbecue and grill blend from dry spices and herbs including sweetener from sweet potatoes and flavour enhancer of plant origin. All ingredients i used in formuating this comes from plants in thier dried form there are nothing synthetic. Though it might be time consuming and expensive but am glad i am losing weight gradually the right way. Back to the grill, as a method of food prepaparation it as been in use for centuries and the most important fact is the amount of fat that is lost during grilling,be it oven grilling or barbecue.

Tandori chicken is a type of dish from india but over the years it has spread all over the world though prepared with yoghurt and spices in a traditional clay oven called a tandoor you can skip the yoghurt part and just use lemon instead if you do not want to use milk product at all. The chicken is being marinated in a spice blend called tandori masala. Turmeric and red sweet paprika powder is used in high amount as combinations with other spices and herbs to give the fiery orange color of the grilled chicken. And then placed in an hot oven either on skewers or oven trays. Tandori grill can be taken as dessert or finger foods and if you want to reduce calorie intake its a good food preparation method to make fat melt away from any meat you use the spice blend to prepare,you had be amazed at the amount of fat that will melt away from the grill after you are done.

Grilling is a dry heat method of cooking that involves little or no added fat instead fat are melted away from grilled foods. When grills are done in the oven its healthier because unlike charcoals and open air grills that involves high temperature,charring and open air exposure to smoke,oven grill is done in a controlled atmosphere under controlled temperature and pressure.

However oven grill lacks the unique flavour imparted by smoke in the charcoal grilling but it also does not contains the high amount of carcinogens found in charcoal grilled products. In parts of vitamins the high temperature in grills destroy all heat sensitive vitamins but most water soluble vitamins and minerals are retained.

Serves: 5

Preparation Time: 50 minutes

Cooking Time:45 minutes

Cooking Temperature:Medium high


  • Whole chicken                                               medium size,cut in pcs,washed
  • Aadun Tandori grill blend.                       1 tbs
  • Lemon juice.                                                  2 tbs
  • Fresh herbs.                                                   Handful(optional,chopped)
  • Fresh garlic.                                                  2 cloves chopped
  • Ginger.                                                            1 inch
  • Onions.                                                            1 medium sized.

Recipe preparation and cooking instructions.

  • Pour the chicken in a deep bowl add the spices blend,lemon juice and fresh herbs if you can get hold of,the garlic and ginger mix. You can also use other tandori spices of your choice but be sure to add a teaspoon of salt and seasoning.
  • Transfer to the frigde or keep in a cool dry place for about 30 minutes. Set your oven to high temperature during this. Then after marinating arrange your chicken on the oven tray with foil or silicon used to lay the oven tray.
  • Grill for about 45 minutes checking the progress after every 15 minutes. When it is done you will percieved a distinctive aroma from the grill .

Nutritional value/serving

  • Calories.                             250 kcal
  • Total Fat                              5.4 g
  • Saturated Fat.                    0.87 g
  • Cholesterol.                        25.6 mg
  • Dietary Fiber.                     12.6 g
  • Total carbohydrate.          15.9 g
  • Sugar.                                    6.5 g
  • Sodium.                                98.5 mg
  • Protein.                                 42.8 g

My comments

Tandoori grill is better served and eaten with fresh vegetables because of the loss of heat sensitive vitamins and minerals so as to supplement and augment with vitamins from that was lost due to high temperture this way it will ensure a balanced out diet altogether.