When children learn new things it tends to bring out the creativity in them and keep them asking questions,so is when they are thought about new things it developed an interest in them. That is why teaching children or introducing children to farming or gardening at an early age could expose them to nutritional health knowledges and the abilities to be able to live a healthy lifestyle based on acquired wisdom Making them a better person in future.

And farming can be designed in such a way as to be more engaging fun activities for children, children can learn how and where their food come from,what various kinds there is to foods,how they are grown and harvested. For example some kids don’t know that potatoes do not grow on trees,not only in western world can you experience that even in Nigeria some kids thinks that Yams grow on trees.

Whereas children are seen as the future of tomorrow but what future do we expect when we the older ones don’t include the young ones soon enough to catch them Young in shaping the plan for a Better tomorrow.

The advantages of farming is not only limited to the garden, children also get to learn about science and nature while learning how to farm and plant their own foods.

Whilst planting is going on there are other activities that is involved before harvesting is done that kids also can learn about and be involved in,examples of those activities are ‘ Mulching, weeding and tending.

Children also will have a better non destructive and more well informed view about the Universe,nature and the environment they live in. Children also learn to preserve and keep in safer conditions after harvest the food produces and ultimately learn firsthand about cooking and how best to consume these food products. Gardening and farm practices also present an opportunity to the children in learning how to keep the garden in a safe conditions including the farming tools,farm areas garden equipments used by the the children at the end of every activities.

There are several benefits that children of all ages could derived from through gardening which will at the end of the day contributes into making them a better person or individual.

  • Responsibilities.   

Through gardening and farming comes the responsibilities of caring and keeping in better conditions both the plants and the garden, weeding and watering including mending fences  around the plants.

  •             New knowledges and understanding

From new ideas come new discovery and challenges to overcome, children will be taught new things and Will also be in charge of implementation.for example plants need sunlight and the reasons why sunlight is important will be learnt,also water is important so when there is no  Rainfall that can become a challenge they will have to find their way around. Finding answers is the next step.

  •           Cause and Effect

Children will learn about action and reaction, they will be able to know the reasons why some things happens and also take it along while growing up in Life that there are consequences for all actions.

  • Constructive thinking and Analytical mind

Science of nature and the environment nutritional health and simple knowledge of building things can be achieved through the knowledge of gardening and farming.

  • Physical activities and body exercise

Muscle training can be achieved through gardening and farming. Teamwork and cooperation amongst fellow group member can also boost a good feeling of self in a child.

  • Learning about nutrition

This could increase a child’s inquisitiveness on what ways can be used to eat your food at it’s freshest condition and also promote culinary interest in children.

  • Freshness of Nature and it’s effect

Being in the open fresh air and inhaling these freshness is therapy for the body and mind for children of all ages.

Gardening and growing foods by self offers a whole new opportunity for children to be exposed to nature love,respect,knowledges and fun for children to be in sound of body and mind. And for parents or adult who gardens, you will find out gardening can help improve in cultivating the virtue of Patience,because you have to Wait patiently for your seeds to grow into plants.