This recipe takes me down memory lane to the time when my mom being a caterer by profession and a restaurant owner never fails to dazzle with her culinary prowess. She never rushes to prepare a meal because she believes every meal is special,right from the market where she will select the right ingredients at the best condition to when she will start her preparation, every time pausing to think and give orders to her girls till when she will take over to do the actual cooking.My grandmother always told me my mother had always wanted to be a cook. Being the first of ten children i dont know how she could have escaped it. I was young then and i always watch her somewhere around the corner. To me then that heavenly aroma is worth more than playing with my peers. I started cooking at a young age too but surprisingly i remembered every act of cooking  my momsy did so i was eager to wanting to prove myself too, about the recipe there was this chief back then who was ibo and because he couldn’t eat ewedu soup my mom had to prepare okra soup for him.whenever he comes around he would tease and called my mom nne ofe mmanu = wife of oil eaters ,and my too will in return call him chief ajeokuta ma mumi=chief who swallows stones without water.

This banter always go even before a greeting will ensue,Nigerians were that tolerant with one another back then and sometimes i wish we could go back to the days when exchanging harmless banters does not lead to asking for a seperate country.

So i was feeling like re enacting such recipe and share with my beautiful readers. This soup combines both palm oil and vegetable oil because one is higher in saturation and another is lower in vitamin E and A.

Red Palm oil is one of the best oil containing  vitamin A derivatives and E partly because of its red color which is due to carotenoid pigmemtation. It contains phyto nutrients and water soluble anti oxidants,phenolic acids and flavonoids.

With palm oil u can be sure to avert some life threatening coronary diseases,eye cataract,aeterial thrombosis,cognitive impairment,blood clotting,high cholesterol level and vitamin A deficiency.

The common palm oil are sold in the oxidized or bleach form for various culinary purposes however this poses a great deal of health risk to the biochemical and physiological functions of the body because oxidation causes generation of toxicants in internal organs and also increases the lipid profile of the consumer.

On the other hand to balance out the amount of saturation of palm oil together with another heart friendly oil e.g sunflower oil with palm oil in 50:50 ratio will only increase the nutritional value of the oil. Saturation is the ability of oil which should be liquid at room temperature to be solid at room temperature. Although palm oil is thought to be amongst these note that mostly oxidized palm oil tends to be solid at room temperature or badly processesd palm oil as the case may be.

Preparation time: 1 hour

Cooking time: 45 minutes 

Cooking temperature: Medium                              


  • Assorted fresh meats         1 kg
  • Paprika                                  2 big
  • Tomatoes                              4 big
  • Onions                                    2 bulbs
  • Tomatoes paste                   2 tbs
  • Red Palm oil                         200 ml 
  • Sunflower oil                        200 ml
  • Salt                                           2 tsp
  • Aadunfoodie seasoning    2 tsp
  • Fresh Okra                            200 g
  • Yam flour                              500 g
  • Mixed spices                        2 tsp
  • Scotch bonnet pepper       1 pcs
  • Ginger                                   1 inch
  • Garlic                                    2 cloves

Recipe Preparation and Cooking                          Instructions

Wash the assorted meats remove all fats season with salt aadunfoodie seasoning onion mixed spices and fresh herbs (optional).Add garlic and ginger,then pour in a cooking pot and cook on medium heat temperature for 45 minutes or till all meats parts are tender, take parts that are tender out and cook further those that are still tough until all are ready . Set aside

  • Remove the seeds in the paprika and slice the onions, scotch bonnet pepper with the tomatoes. Put the pepper mix in the blender and mix until smooth and fine. Pour in a bowl and set aside.

Set a soup pot on the cooker and pour the red Palm oil with the sun flower oil and let sizzle then add sliced onions let fry

Take the pepper mix in the bowl and pour in the hot oil stir and add stock water from the precooked assorted meat mix.

In another small pot boil water and pour the okra and cook under low heat until tender and soft,add salt and stir well then set aside

  • Take the cooked assorted meats and pour in the cooking soup mix add the remaining seasoning and salt with the tomatoes paste stir well and continue cooking.
  • In a small pot bring 75o ml of water to boil then pour in the yam flour and start turning vigorously until smooth and portion in food based nylon wrapper.
  • Serve the soup as desired and enjoy!!!Nutritional Value of Assorted meat soup per serving.
  • Calories                               550.7 kcal
  • Total carbohydrate         15.3 g
  • Total Fat                            35.3 g
  • Saturated Fat                   8.6 g
  • Cholesterol                       110.4 mg
  • Dietary fibre                    8.5 g
  • Sodium                             648.3 mg   
  • Protein                             55.7 g
  • Sugars                               7.4 g