Wachèè rice and beans one pot recipe.

Happy Easter to all Christian faithfuls, this year Easter am particularly pleased and happy because my mom came visiting all the way from Nigeria. And i really plan to enjoy the holidays with my loved ones with a special delicacy of African cuisine to celebrate the period. I had wanted to make this delicacy in a while but I was waiting for the right time and opportunity came calling when my mom came visiting.

The wachèè is a dish that complement itself from a nutrients point of view though high in calories but also in protein and oils too but I tried to balance vegetables into it by substituting onions, garlic and ginger with aromatic spice blend to act as the Browning agent by bringing them to fry deeply in oil till very brown but not burnt and making a stock broth out of the fried vegetables and using this stock as my colour and flavour enhancer for the recipe. This is my own way of preparing the dish though in more conventional methods there are dried sticks or dried barley leaves used for bringing about the thick brownish colour . And mostly white beans are used in cooking the recipe but if I was home in Nigeria I would prefer to use the brownish red beans because that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the dish than when white beans is used.

So in preparing the beans i first have to get rid of the starch that causes flatulence in beans by first precooking the beans with baking soda and onions so as leach out the contents of the oligosaccharides in the beans that does not get digested in the big intestines and goes on into the small intestines where there are lots of bacteria activities and by this the microorganisms feeds on the oligosaccharides and produces gas in the bowel leading to constipation and flatulence after. If beans is to be enjoyed it is better processed this way to get rid of this complex carbohydrates. Also this method renders the beans softer and more easily digested in the system.

Normally wachèè is eaten together with a deep fried stew blackish in colour and prepared with grounded dried crayfish and spices garnished with  fried fish.


Preparation Time:1 hour

Cooking Time:1 hour 15 minutes

Cooking Temperature:Medium


    White beans                  500 g

Jasmine rice                  350 g

Sunflower oils               400 ml

 Aromatic spice blend  4 tbs

Cinnamon powder        2 tbs

Nutmeg powder            2 tbs

Salt                              3 tps (divided)

Ginger                       1 inch (grated)

Garlic                 2 cloves(chopped)

Onions          4 medium(chopped )p

Baking soda           1 tbs

   Recipe Preparation and              Cooking Instruction

  1. Wash the beans and set a cooking pot on fire pour the beans inside with the baking soda, onions and 1 teaspoon of salt cook until almost soft with lots of water and then wash and drain.set aside
  2. Set a large cooking on fire pot and pour the oil and turn the cooking heat up then add the onions let sizzle and add ginger, garlic and 2 tablespoons of the aromatic spice blend, fry till it’s very brown then turn off the heat and set aside to cool.
  3.  Add some water just enough for making stock broth for cooking the recipe. Bring to boil for 15 minutes and transfer to a strainer and sieve out the contents of stock  then set aside 
  4. Wash the rice under running water until water runs clear 
  5. Bring the stock broth in the pot to boil and pour the washed rice into the mix allow to cook for 10 minutes and pour in the precooked beans stir together add cinnamon, nutmeg and the remaining spice blend and stir reduce the heat to medium low, add some water if need be but not much just enough to cook the mix then slice in 1 onion and cover to cook together for 30 minutes. 
  6. Let cook under low heat so that the rice grains in the mix can be tender and everything cooked .Nutritional  Value 
    Wachèè rice and beans one pot recipe

Nutritional  Value

Calories            850.6 kcal

Total Fat           15.8 g

Saturated Fat   5.3 g

Total carbohydrate         45 g

Dietary Fibre            19.6 g

Sodium                        655.4 mg

Cholesterol              0.9 mg

Sugars                          8.4 g

Protein                         45 g