Obe eja imoyo soup is a fresh fish based soup originally from Lagos fishermen to their wives. Historically when they come back from fishing and they have their catch for the day they select their biggest catch and give to their wives to cook a light soup that is not oily.

And really the soup is made up of paprika,tomatoes,onions,some oil and other ingredients.

But here in Europe fresh fish is quite expensive so in substitute to that I used frozen mackerel but because the fish has been deep frozen I must treat it with Luke warm water and lemon juice so as to render the fish free from bacteria bad odour and make the fish more fresh and tender like it was freshly caught.

The nutritional value of the soup is dependent on the type of fish used in preparing the soup.


Preparation Time:45

Cooking Time:45 minutes

Cooking Temperature:Medium

  • Mackerelfish      1kg(gutted)
  • Red Palm oil        50 ml
  • Olive oil                20 ml
  • Aadun seasoning    1 tbs
  • Red Paprika      4(deseeded)
  • Tomatoes           6 pcs
  • Scotch bonnet pepper    1 pcs 
  • Onions            2 big bulb
  • Salt                 2 tbs (divided)
  • Ginger           1 inch  (grated)
  • Garlic              2 cloves(minced)






             Recipe Preparation and                        CookingInstructions

  • Wash the gutted fishes and cut to desired size pour in a bobowl with Luke warm water and lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of salt. Leave for 30 minutes and wash under running water then set aside.
  • Put together the paprika tomatoes,scotch bonnet pepper, onions, ginger and garlic in a bowl slice into bits and start blending in batches 
  • Wash and drain the fish then season with aadun seasoning powder some garlic and ginger 
  • Serve your cooking pot on the cooker under medium high heat and pour in oils and the onions let sizzle then add the paprika mix and some water then stir.
  • Cooking the paprika tomatoes mix for about 35 minutes then add your fishes with some water carry the pot and shake from sides to sides then cover and cook further for 10 minutes. Then set aside and put off the cooker.
  • Serve in a bowl with any swallow of choice preferably with okra and eba as main dish.

Nutritional Value / portion 

Calories           225.3 kcal

Total Fat         7.6 g

Saturated       2.4 g

Cholesterol    1.3 mg

Total carbohydrate      18.4 

Dietary Fibre        6.7 

Sodium           580.8 mg

Protein           33.4 

Sugars           4.3 g