I came to know first ever  about shito  aka black stew from my aunt who was Ghanaian born and raised in Ghana. She came to spend time with the relative in Nigeria and decided to live with us.

She thought me alot about Ghanaian cuisine and being a seasoned caterer and foodie herself I get to learn from the best. Though I improvised on my knowledge of cooking traditionally I learnt from my grandmother, my mom,my aunties and from school days.

I appreciate the fact that I came from a family of home cooking loving people and I was brought up that way which I am thankful for anyway .

The shito stew being a deep fried recipe require a lot of oil to cook and this makes it a high calorific food type and once it is well fried and the colour changes from deep brownish to almost black it does no longer require warming anytime you want to eat it with anything. It can be bottled or store in jars or tight closed food containers. Because the deep frying makes it keep longer with more shelf life and doesn’t change in taste or flavour.

The main ingredients is the Africa dried roasted crayfish and spices with spices to go with it.

It is fried optionally with roasted fish and fried tilapia fish is also fried alongside as a side dish.

Shito can be taken with cooked yam,rice,bread and most especially wachèè rice and beans one pot or if you wish it also taste great on cooked beans .

With shito it is especially a good food choice for people prefare Ketogenic diet andfor normal diet it should be eaten with caution and good measure with a side salad included in the meal to render the diet balanced and good for the body metabolic system.

Presenting the shito for eating is another thing entirely because traditionally it is eaten with wachèè rice and beans recipe. But because I want to try and match it with some salad and the fried fish usually eaten alongside the main dish I want to substitute for grilled fish so that at the end of the day the nutritional contents will be lesser in calories and saturated fat.


Preparation Time: 35 minutes

Cooking Time:30 minutes

Cooking Temperature:Medium


Dried grounded crayfish 850 g

Sunflower cooking oil    1 l       aromatic spice blend    4 tbs

Aadun seasoning           1 tbs

Salt                                        1 tsp

Tilapia fish                        1 pcs

Shito rice & beans   1portion




     Recipe Preparation and             Cooking Instructions .

  • Mix stock broth with the crayfish and spices then mixed together and add salt with seasoning ,then set down your cooking pot on the cooker under medium high heat and pour oil into the pot slice in onions, garlic and ginger let sizzle until the onions becomes tender,then add your soaked crayfish mix with a little bit of water and begin frying for 30 minutes turning every 5 minutes until it changes color to almost black do not over fry because it will start burning and that will make the stew bitter.