This is a recipe suitable for people who wants to stay of red meat and start less fat consumption diet. It’s a low calorie dish that is cooked on an Asian Wok as a stir fry recipe with a broken basmati rice. Normally the basmati rice is  long grain but some are broken during milling and are separated out,packaged and sold as broken rice.

This type of rice is also suitable in making rice salad and other stir fry recipes,can also be used to make rice pilaf.

Minimal oil is required in stir fry recipes and this makes it to have lesser calories. And the vegetables added after stir frying still looks fresh and appetizing with a good aesthetic appeal at the end of the cooking.

Reducing the amount of calories through eating low calorie dish that is cooked with small amount of oil can help in weight management and help in averting some life threatening conditions and coronary heart diseases.

Cutting down on calories even if you are obese can lead to better metabolism and better life quality. Making some changes to your diet preparations can help you cut down and reduce calorie intake.

This can also reduce the risk of diabetes,high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Ultimately if on medications because of health complications of obesity cutting calories and losing some weight can help cut back on drug intakes based on Dr’ s advice.

Foods that are high in water contents and fibre is good in including in ones recipe essential vegetables to help reduce calorie intake. Whole grains and fruits also gives a filling of satisfying without excess calories. Reduced portion size also help in weight management  but people who are underweight should not attempt to reduce or cut calorie intake as this is not suitable for their health and well being. 


Preparation Time:45minutes 
Cooking Time:30 minutes 

Cooking Temperature:Medium low


  • Broken basmati rice               300g 
  • Olive oil                                    20ml
  • Shrimps  (deveined)               300 g
  • Canned Tuna fish                   1 can
  • Fresh water snails                 200g
  • Scotch bonnet pepper            1 pcs
  • Coloured paprika (diced)  1/2each
  • Fresh Tomatoes                  2pcs
  • Cabbage (diced )                  1/4cup
  • Onions (chopped )                2bulbs
  • Parsley leaves                    a twig
  • Thyme leaves                     a twig
  • Rosemary leaves               a twig
  • Aadun seasoning                1tbs
  • Stock broth                          500ml
  • Carrots  (diced)                    2sticks 
  • Green peas                                2 tbs
  • Sweet corn                                4 tbs 
  • Ginger  (grated )                    1 inch 
  • Garlic (minced )                  2cloves 
  • Cinnamon powder                 1 tsp
  • Non gluten soy sauce            2 tbs

  Recipe Preparation and Cooking                       Instructions 

  • Wash the rice under running water and pour in a cooking pot filled with the stock broth throw in some sliced onions with the carrots 
    and cook the rice until tender but not mashed up set aside.

  • Prepare the fresh vegetables in a flat plate then set aside, 
    bring the snails and shrimps out from the freezer wash them add the non gluten soysauce and mix together




     open the can of tuna and set aside .

  • Set up the wok on medium heat add the olive oil throw in the onions,ginger,garlic and the seasoning let sizzle
    when aromatic and add the seasoned shrimps and freshwater snails  stir fry for 3  minutes and take all out in a bowl. 
  • Next pour in the cabbage and paprika with pepper mix let sizzle and sauteed
    then pour in the rest of the vegetables and then stir fry for 5 minutes add the seafoods and herbs with rest  of the vegetables. 

    then pour in the cooked rice and continue to stir fry then turn off the wok. It’s ready to be served.  

  • Serve as hot desired 

  Nutrition Value/serving

 Calories                                  435.6 kcal

Total Fat                                  3.4  g  

Saturated Fat                         0.5 g 

Total carbohydrate              43.1 g 

Cholesterol                              32 mg 

Sodium                                      350 mg

Sugars                                        1 g 

Dietary Fibre                           6.5 g 

Protein                                       15.3 g