Yam is one of the those ingredients you can cook just about most one pot recipe with easily. You can combine either legumes or vegetables and the end result will be sumptuous meals. For me I will combining beans and fish that are both protein to increase its nutrients value. If you are a vegetarian you just leave the fish part because beans in itself contains protein almost as the same quality as that of animal protein. 

This recipe is relatively high calorie because of the ingredients. It’s a good source of energy and is good for growing kids. If you are on a gluten free diet its an ideal meal too.

Spinach or any kinds of leafy vegetables can be added to the dish to boost its nutrients contents. Either way it can be prepared with or without vegetables. 

Now let’s talk about Yam. They are pack full with Vitamin C for sure at least it contains 27% of the daily value recommended for fighting infections and boosting the immune system,anti ageing and good wound healing,it also contains good amount of fiber potassium and manganese with metabolic B Vitamins and it’s derivatives. Yam contains mostly complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber with Vitamins and minerals. 

Yam consumption is generally advisable to women of menopausal age because it contains naturally an enzyme that is a natural alternative to hormone replacement in women that have reached menopause.  The Vitamin B6 is an important supplement for pre menstrual syndrome  (PMS) in women . Two slices of yams can provide about 15.5% of Vitamin B6 daily requirement according to studies shown. Yam is also anti spasmodic which means it is capable of giving relief to muscle cramps and nausea. 

The dietary fiber it contains controls bad cholesterol and reduces constipation the potassium levels in yam also helps in promoting good digestion in the bowel. Yam is rich in Vitamins B6 it can promote and improve cognitive ability in human brain because of its antioxidants activities.

Copper and manganese are present in yam in considerable amount and these are vital in red blood cells production and improving blood flow and circulation  in the body.

Yam also can be eaten by diabetics without worrying about rise in fasting blood sugar levels because yams has a moderate glycemic index value as its mostly complex carbohydrates it raises the glucose levels in blood slowly compare to other foods comprising of simple sugar.

Beans we all know about because I have done some post on it in the past highlighting its nutritional standpoint,effects and method of preparations to get the best desired results. 

In this recipe first I cooked the beans until tender because I used white beans which is often harder to soften. After I am sure it’s tender then I rinse the beans like twice and drained then season the fish and boil with enough water to cook the entire meal. Then i can begin actual cooking of the recipe. 

Recipe PreparationTime:1hr30mins 

Cooking:45 minutes 

Cooking Temperature:Medium 


Dry white beans                       250 g 

Yam (peeled and sliced)         4 slices 

Chili pepper powder               1 tsp 

Fresh paprika  (deseeded)     1 pcs

Onions  (chopped )                  2 bulbs 

Palm oil                                     200 ml 

Aadun seasoning powder       1 tbs

Salt                                              1 tsp 

Fresh fish (gutted,cut,wash)    1 whole 

Aromatic spice blend                1 tsp 

Baking soda                                1/2 tsp

Recipe Preparation and Cooking Instructions  

  • Wash the beans thoroughly and pour into a pressure pot add the baking soda and some of the diced onions set the cooker on medium temperature cook till tender.
  • Cut the slices into small bits to allow easier cooking. 
  • Wash the fish transfer to a small pot add 1 tsp of seasoning and the aromatic spice blend with some onions boil for 15 minutes and bring the fishes out of the pot then remove the bones and shred the fish.
  • Check the progress of the beans if tender enough then wash and transfer into a cooking pot then pour the fish stock mix in add the chili pepper with the yam bits. Transfer the pot unto the cooker add some water 
    begin cooking add the remaining diced onion and oil. Cover and let the mix cook for 15 minutes before stirring. 
  • Add the  shredded fish and stir well the reduce the heat of the cooker to medium low and continue cooking until you get a desired consistency .
  • Then stir the mix thoroughly put off the heat and let stand for 5 minutes before serving 

        Nutrition Value/serving 

  • Calories                         321.4 g 
  • Total Fat                        8.6 g 
  • Saturated Fat               3.3 g
  • Total carbohydrate    32.7 g
  • Sodium                          125.4 mg
  • Cholesterol                   105.3 mg
  • Dietary Fiber               12.5 g  
  • Sugars                             6.8 g   
  • Protein                            35.7 g