In Ramadan period desserts are really important after the day’s fasting, The body will be in need of calories through eating so in other to be able to satisfy the body metabolic needs without eating too much, desserts should be included in the meal course.

Cakes are one of the common desserts available and desserts enhances our physical and emotional well being when eaten with careful consideration. The body rely on carbohydrate and glucose for energy eating a rich dessert can help the body reduce the feeling of physical deprivation after fasting to maintain control of fasting blood sugar.

Eating a balanced diet and by including some desserts will go a long way in reducing  stress.

Desserts are rich in carbohydrate and sugar and this makes the brain to produce serotonin and tryptophan ,chemicals responsible for emotional well being. 

This is a relatively an uncomplicated recipe and you can spice your cake up by adding nuts and raisins either way you can add also coconut flakes,i use this recipe mostly for my base batter for any kinds of cake i want to bake,a few adjustments and additions here and there is all it takes. And your after meal desserts is ready to complete your day


Preparation Time:30
Cook Time:45
Baking Temperature:170 degree Celsius.

All purpose flour                  500 g

Sugar                                        300 g

Eggs                                          400 g

Margarine                               350 g

Buttermilk                             100 ml

Vanilla sugar                          1 tsp

Cinnamon powder                1/2 tsp

Nutmeg                                     1/2 tsp

Baking soda                              1/2 tsp

Baking powder                         1/2 tsp
Recipe Preparation and Cooking                              Instructions

  • Drop softened margarine  and sugar into mixer.mix at medium high speed while scrapping the sides to the centre at intervals until fluffy.
  • in another bowl add all dry ingredients together and mx thoroughly with a spatula
  • when the margarine and sugar mix is fluffy enough add eggs slowly and mix at medium low until smooth.
  • Then add the milk cream into the mix at low speed.
  • Add flour mixture slowly also and  continue mixing at low speed do not mix for long to avoid over mixing
  • grease the baking pans and dust with flour. 


oven at 230 degree for 15 minutes,fill the baking pans and transfer to the oven bake for 45 minutes or until golden brown and when sticking a toothpick in comes out clean.

               Nutrition/ Serving            

Calories                      180.6 kcal 

Total Fat                     4.5 g 

Saturated Fat            1.3 

Sodium                         150.4 mg

Cholesterol                     17.7 mg 

Total carbohydrate         29.6 g 

Sugars                                 10.4 g 

Dietary Fiber                     2.3 g 

Protein                                 7.4 g