Thank God it’s another Ramadan month. And in this holy month Moslems all overthe world fast and observe period of self meditations and spiritual commitments to their maker. 
I as a Moslem from also owe it to my maker the responsibility of disseminating whatever knowledge about food that will add value to our faith and make us consume that which is Halal. While staying away from that which is Haram.

By the way for those of us that are non Moslems Halal according to Wikipedia what is permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law and frequently appliedto permissible foods and drinks. In the Quran the word Haram refers to everything in contrast to Halal and anything that is Haram is termed forbidden by Islamic law. The Islamic jurisprudence determined what is Halal and that which is Haram according to the Qur’an haddith and sunnah of the prophet Mohammed  (saw).
According to the Qur’an Haram foods are explicitly meats from animals that died by themselves,blood, meat and products of swine or pigs and porcine animals. And animals from rituals or animals offered and dedicated to other than Allah  (swa).

All vegetarians cuisines are halal and are allowed for all Moslems. However if there is a situation which makes the forbidden the only choice of survival and there is lack of alternative leading to the undesired action of consuming that which is forbidden and unlawful, then such person will not be commuting a sin.  This is the law of necessity in Islamic jurisprudence stating that which is necessary makes the forbidden permissible.  

The category of forbidden foods for humans in Islam includes the following. 

  • Pork and porcine animals 
  • Animals that are strangled/gored or died by itself or killed by a prey
  • Animals slaughtered in the name other than Allah and dedicated to idols,saints,alter or someone considered to be divine.
  • Carrion ;carcasses of animals or meat of domestic pets like dogs and cats or falcon.
  • Blood
  • Intoxicant and alcohols or alcoholic beverages 

The only use of alcohol permissible in Islam is for cleaning,sterilisation and disinfection not to be consumed as a beverage. 

In the Qur’an Allah said that

He has forbidden you what dies of itself and blood and flesh of swine and that over which any other name than Allah has been invoked;but whoever is driven to necessity not desiring nor exceeding the limit,no sin shall be upon him;surely Allah is forgiving, merciful.  Qur’an, chapter  2 Al Baqara. Verse 173.

So surely we owe upon ourselves especially in this holy month of Ramadan to adhere strictly to halal foods so that the blessings and forgiveness and mercy of Allah will always be with us.

Today I decided to make barbecue and roast of corn on the cob with plantain for the evening . Not only is self made barbecue special it is also filling and nutritious. Sometimes you might want to deviate from cooking or probably too tired to do so. Barbecue/grill and roast whether in the oven or open ar barbecue with coal or electric grill offers you an easier option and a refreshing idea of a recipe choice. 


Preparation Time:45 minutes 
Grilling Time:1hr:30 minutes 

Temperature:Medium high

  • Deboned goatmeats or lamb                       500 g (washed)
  • Pangesius fish                                                   200 g (washed ) 
  • Tomato paste                                                     50 g 
  • Aadun barbecue spice blend                        50 g
  • Garlic                                                                   2 cloves(minced) 
  • Ginger                                                                  2 inches(grated) 
  • Onions                                                                  1 bulb (diced)
  • Salt                                                                         1 tsp (divided ) 
  • Lemon juice                                                         2 tbs (divided)
  • Wooden skewers                                                10 pcs
  • Fresh herbs                                                          Handful  (chopped ) 
  • Ziploc bags                                                           2 pcs 
  • Plantain                                                                 3 tubers 
  • Corn                                                                        3 ers 

                        Recipe Preparation and Cooking Instructions 

  • In two separate bowls pour the washed fish and meat in and divide all the other ingredients into two portions then add each to the meat and fish.; because I like to prepare my meals in batches so I can conveniently have something to cook in future. I made more than the recipe calls for.

  • Add some water and mix everything well skewer the meat,then pour into two Ziploc bags and deep freeze for minimum 8 hours. 
  • After this prepare your grill and put on the heat. I use an electric grill so it easier for me to regulate the temperature. 

  • Peel the plantain and remove the corn from the pack. When then grill is hot enough a range the skewered tsere meats on it together with the corn and plantain. 
  • Make sure to at least after every minute to avoid burning and to ensure an even roast.
  • Repeat the same steps for the fish taking care not to break the fish.

Ramadan Kareem!!!