During Ramadan alot of thoughts and preparations are considered in cooking the meals needed to break the day’s fast. The main course of the meal had to be a dish that when taken in right proportion should be able to fill the body satiety and nutritional needs.

One such dish is a combination of assorted protein from animal source cooked together with fresh tomatoes and pepper with vegetable oil. In this case I like to combine olive oil or sunflower oil which is less in saturation of triglycerides fatty acids together with palm oil which though higher in saturated fatty acids has conveniently amount of phyto nutrients, vitamin A ,vitamin E and carotenoids etc.

The carbohydrate will come from the swallow because mostly all African swallow cuisines comes from whole cereals/processed cereals,tubers and root vegetables both processed and unprocessed.

In other to have a good balanced diet that is why grounded  dry okro is added to the meal to boost its fiber and it’s minerals contents. 

Reason we Nigerians love cow stripes is because it’s a culinary delights dating back to centuries, though it might not have any nutritional significance or value but it contains fiber. So for that alot sometimes I just indulge in it for the fiber and taste alone. Because when you cook your stripstripes with other ingredients it has the abilities taking flavours of those ingredients and swelling them up in itself making it have a very different flavour and yet meaty taste entirely. One day my English friend ask me why do we eat the skin of our animals that we are supposed to use for leather,is this why Africans don’t wear shoes?And I replied that well simply  because it’s delicious and we don’t use the skin of domestic animals as leather we use game animals or beast of burden. We do make leather too but may not be as sophisticated as your people. 

Cuisines globally is largely influenced by the culture and traditions, regions, ways of life,agriculture and trade, ecology style of cooking methods of eating ,religion, and ingredients available for a dish by a particular set of people. That is why in Nigeria specifically we don’t use the skin of domestic animals for leather we eat them as delicacy. Unfortunately that is why real leather is so expensive to buy.

Having said this back to the issue at hand ,other vegetables apart from Ok to can be inculcated in the meal as desired to add some nutritional balance to it.


Recipe Preparation Time:1 hour 

Cooking Time:50




 Dry okra powder                       50 g 

Fresh Paprika(deseeded)           2 pcs 

Fresh Tomatoes  (sliced )           4 large pcs 

Scotch bonnet pepper                  2 pcs

Tomato paste                              2 tbs

Onions (sliced )                          2 bulb 

Salt                                              1 tbs 

Aadun seasoning powder        2 tbs 

Assorted offals meats (cleaned,cut and washed )            500 g

Goat meats (cut and washed )                   500 g 

Cow stripes  (washed and precooked )    250 g 

Baking soda                                 1/4 tsp 

Olive oil                                        100 ml 

Red Palm oil                               150 ml 

Dry crayfish                                  50 g 

Recipe Preparation and Cooking Instructions 

  • Pour the dry okra in a a small bowl with about 1/4 cup of water mix well and add the baking soda then set aside. 

  • In a cooking pot on the cooker under medium high heat pour in the meats and season with aadun seasoning powder and salt add onions, garlic and ginger with half of the herbs assortment then cover and cook for 45 minutes or until the meats are tender. After cooking make  sure to sieve the stock broth. 

  • Pour in the blender the paprika,tomatoes, pepper, onions, garlic and ginger and pulse till everything is well blended  mixed. 
  • While the meat is cooking Place a small cooking pot 1/4 filled with water bring to boil then add to the hot water the soaked okra mix stir well to dissolve add the crayfish and reduce the heat to medium low allow to simmer for 10 minutes then it’s ready .
  • In a big cooking pot on the cooker at medium heat temperature pour in the palm and olive  oil add some onions and let sizzle then pour in the paprika/pepper mix then add the served stock mix from the cooked meats add tomato paste cover and cook for 35 minutes. 
  • After cooking the paprika mix and it has thicken then pour the meats mix and stir well taste for salt and seasoning, as for me I don’t add anything more because I love to monitor the sodium content in my foods.
  • Bring water to boil in a cooking pot and make swallow meal with some yam flour to serve with the soup.