Who makes the best Jollof rice dish is a sensitive issue not only as foodies most especially among West Africans and those who lives in the diaspora as well. No Nigerian can stand the comparisons of their jollof to other countries not even Ghana our neighboring country are we tolerant with when it comes to whose jollof rice taste better or who cooks better jollof rice in texture I.e non sogginess and free from burning.

When I want to cook jollof rice dish for many people I use oven bake recipe I had perfected with long grain basmati rice but that recipe is not what am doing today , as a matter of fact I am using broken basmati rice and am not going to use the usual conventional method of jollof rice recipe.

I want to talk about jollof rice and the controversy surrounding it. Jollof rice that we know today is a one pot rice recipe that is cooked with tomatoes, paprika Scotch bonnet peppers, vegetable cooking oil,spices sometimes herbs for flavors and if you want to twerk it as you would prefer you can add some veggies like Sweet corn and green beans alike to add color and boost its nutrients content, this style is more common in the Ghananian version of jollof rice recipe. Suffice to say method of preparation and choice of ingredients vary from country to  country. The dish is usually accompanied by any kind of animal protein like chicken, meats or fish

The history of jollof rice came down to the Wollof people of the Senegalese tribe. Jollof is derived from the name of the people of these tribe actually. The people of this tribe also live Gambia,and Mauritania. Jollof is a traditional cuisine of Wollof ethnic group in Senegal.

The war of Jollof rice has been a touchy issue amongst West African Countries for a long time even CNN Richard Quest was not spared when he came down to Nigeria and then in a function asked our Minister of information Mr Lai Mohammed that whose country’s Jollof rice taste  better in the region he didn’t bat an eyelid before he said Senegalese jollof rice taste better. The Twitter storm following this drama is such I have not seen from Nigerians in a while, some even go as far demanding for his resignation one user calling it a treasonable act of national pride betrayal. I couldn’t hold my laughter, it was one big hilarious drama  the vice President had to come in to quench the fire by assuring Nigerians that ours is best jollof rice in the whole world.

Recently the popular British celebrity chef,Jamie Oliver published his version of jollof rice dish on his website for some reason it went unnoticed for months then later people started commenting about the jollof rice recipe he posted,it generated thousands of comments that were not funny at all because of the changes he made to traditional recipe. The social media was on alert at #jollofgate on Twitter. I mean what is wedge of lemon doing inside jollof rice with hundreds of grams of cherry tomatoes,when its not rice salad. I mean I love fresh herbs a lot so I see no harm in addition parsley to the dish but cilantro is just trying too hard , Parsley will only further enhances the taste and flavors,but cherry tomatoes on the vine? That was too much to bear for my African people they spoke immediately. Because in a few years to come his version will be touted as the original and authoritative jollof rice recipe. Jamie Oliver is known for quick meals but we all know that in cooking jollof rice you will exercise lots of patience and careful consideration given to timing.

 There are different methods of jollof rice preparation, many different one pot recipes are available but the one am making today is the one called party jollof rice. The difference being that the grains does not get soggy and stick to one another and the taste, flavours with aroma are in sync with each other and it’s usually served at parties. This particular recipe I have tried and perfected so as to not have any problems with burning. So here comes my one pot party jollof rice recipe. Enjoy!!!

Preparation Time:30 minutes

Cooking Time: 25 minutes 

Cooking Temperature: Medium 

 Ingredients  For Party Jollof rice.

  • Fresh tomatoes.                      250 g 
  • Broken basmati rice.             400 g
  • Fresh paprika.                        2 large pcs 
  • Onions.                                     2 bulbs 
  • Scotch bonnet pepper            1 pc 
  • Aromatic spices.                     1 tsp 
  • Dry ground White peppers.   1 tsp 
  • Aadun seasoning powder.      1 tbs   
  • Sunflower oil                           200 ml 
  • Tomato paste.                           1 tbs 
  • Sweet corn.                                2 tbs 
  • Green peas.                                2 tbs 
  •  Chicken stock.                           500 mls ( divided)
  • Chicken laps.                               4 pcs 
  • Butter.                                           1 tbs 
  • Ginger.                                           1inch 
  • Garlic.                                             1 clove 

     Recipe Preparations And Cooking Instructions

    • Slice the tomatoes, paprika, onions, ginger and garlic and pour in a blender pulse until all is well blended ,transfer to a bowl and set aside this is the base of jollof rice cooking.
    • In a non stick cooking pot I use a rice cooker pour 450 ml of the stock In ,wash the rice in fine mesh strainer and rinse under cold running water until water runs clear about 2 minutes
       ,this step is important to remove some starch from the rice so it does not stick ,if this step is omitted the rice will not be dry and fluffy, drain excess water and pour the rice in.cook when the rice is almost done add the sweet corn and green peas cover and cook till almost tender then remove from pot set aside to cool.
    • In a non stick pot to avoid burning and sogginess placed on the cooker on medium heat pour the sunflower oil let sizzles add the leftover onions, ginger,and garlic. Then add the aromatic spice blend stir together  then pour in the tomatoes, paprika mix,add the remaining stock broth cover the pot continue to fry and stir intermittently. After 25 minutes add the tomato paste to further thicken and gives more color.
    • When you noticed the base mix is thick enough then add the seasoning and white peppers.
    • At this stage it is right to pour the almost cooked rice but you should take precaution by taking some base mix out of the pot to avoid to much base that lead to sogginess and burning burning.
    • Pour in the rice mix stir and see if it needs more base or a little bit of water add some if it does.
    • Stir every thing together and add the butter slice.stir ,then reduce the heat to low cover and continue cooking at this temperature under low heat, after 10 minutes check and stir and when its ready,serve with the fried chicken laps
    • This is how I use broken basmati rice to cook my own express and easy  party jollof rice. The aromatic spice blend and white peppers with the slice of butter gives it that unique party jollof rice flavour ,Enjoy !!!

    Nutrition Value/serving

    Calories.                               275.6 kcal 

    Total Fat.                             8.2 g

    Saturated Fat.                   0.5 g 

    Total Carbohydrate        34.6 g 

    Sodium.                               432 .5 mg

    Sugars.                                1.5 g

    Cholesterol.                        15 mg 

    Dietary Fiber.                     5.3 g 

    Protein.                                9.6 g