I guess my rice cooking is never ending or enough, lols. That’s not a problem. If you ask me, I will say it’s basically because in Africa rice is one of our staple foods . Traditionally, in my tribe we jokingly refer to it as “ounje eiye” meaning birds foods because its not as heavy as some foods meant for lunch time . That saying is actually common amongst farmers or field workers who needs foods rich enough in calories to carry out the day’s work thereby favouring the more traditional foods that can supply the energy that is so much needed. Also back in the days, I remember some construction workers working in the surrounding uncompleted houses in our area,  there was this mama-put we buy cooked meals from then, we call her “mama regular”, she makes the best tasty and most tender texture beans regularly, that’s why we call her mama regular. 

Anyways, the construction workers had a way of incredible combination of assorted dishes in one meal. For example, somebody will order two portion rice, one portion beans, one portion yam, one portion plantain and top it up with garri “cassava flakes” usually brought along by the user. This combination they usually called “konkere” meaning “concrete”. Whenever I go to mama regular ‘s buka – canteen, I won’t stop being amused, watching these konkere eaters munching away at their zillion calories meals all the time. Looking back it’s would have been a site to see were there social media then.

Fast forward to the future, for people who have a medical or metabolic conditions against seafoods chicken fried rice is the way to go because some people can’t afford to eat anything of sea origin not because its financial but because they are allergic to seafoods so their main source of flesh protein is either poultry and its products or meats and its products. 

That’s the reason I said to myself why don’t you make fried rice with chicken and eggs for a change and serve with or without any side dish of your choice.  Enjoy !!!


Preparation Time:45 minutes

Cooking Time: 35 minutes 

Cooking Temperature: Medium 

 Ingredients  for chicken and eggs fried rice in a wok 

  • Fresh tomatoes.                      2 medium sizes
  • basmati rice.                                250 g
  • Olive oil                                      2 tbs
  • Fresh paprika.                        2 large pcs 
  • Onions.                                     2 bulbs 
  • Scotch bonnet pepper            1 pc 
  • Aromatic spices.                     1 tsp
  • Dry ground White peppers.   1 tsp 
  • Aadun seasoning powder.      1 tbs   
  • Sunflower oil                           2 tbs
  • Cabbage                                   1/4 cup ( chopped )
  • Sweet corn.                                2 tbs
  • Green peas.                                2 tbs
  •  Chicken stock.                           500 mls
  • Chicken parts                             6 pcs
  • Carrots                                          1 stick
  • Ginger.                                           1inch
  • Garlic.                                             1 clove

 Recipe Preparations And Cooking Instructions

  • Slice the tomatoes, paprika, onions, ginger and garlic and and other vegetables prepare them for use in a large plate side by side.
  • In a non stick cooking pot I use a rice cooker pour the stock In set aside 
    ,wash the rice in fine mesh strainer and rinse under warm 
    running water until water runs clear about 2 minutes

  • ,this step is important to remove some starch from the rice so it does not stick ,if this step is omitted the rice will not be dry and fluffy, drain excess water and pour the rice in.
  •  in a small vegetable steamer that comes together with the rice cooker pour the cabbage and carrots in and place inside the rice cooker 

    cover put the pot on when the rice is almost done add the sweet corn and green peas cover and cook till almost tender then remove from pot set aside to cool.

  • In a non stick pot to avoid burning and sogginess placed on the cooker on medium heat pour the sunflower oil let sizzles add the leftover onions, ginger,and garlic. Then add the aromatic spice blend stir together  then pour in the seasoning and white peppers.
  • Let sizzle,add the steamed cabbage and carrots in stir fry for 2 minutes then add the paprika and tomatoes then break in the two eggs in and scrambled the mix let the eggs coat the vegetables continue frying .
  • Add the shredded chicken parts and stir 
  • At this stage it is right to pour in the cooked rice mix stirring the mix together to blend all ingredients in.
  • Throw in the cut spring oonions 
  •  Reduce the heat to low cover and continue cooking at this 
    temperature under low heat, 4 minutes check and stir and when its ready,serve

    with the roastedchicken parts
  •  The other half of the chicken parts ,I roasted 
    so as to go together with the meal while the other half is what i used in making the stock broth ,
  • Enjoy !!!

Nutrition Value/serving

Calories.                               545.3kcal 

Total Fat.                             8.2 g

Saturated Fat.                   4.7 g

Total Carbohydrate        53.6 g 

Sodium.                               462 .5 mg

Sugars.                                2.3g

Cholesterol.                       175 mg 

Dietary Fiber.                     12.3 g 

Protein.                              29.6 g