Banga soup is a type of Nigerian Niger deltan soup recipe made from palm fruit(Elaesis guineesis)and has a lot of different nutritional values.Africa palm fruit from the African oil palm(Elaesis guineesis)are small ovoid oblong fruit that grows in clusters of several hundred close to the trunk on short heavy stalks.The fruit is 1inch to 2inches and are black and red when ripe its fibrous and oilyal and surrounds a white kernel also rich in oils. Do u know that because the oil palm produces fruit continuously year round with new bunches ripening each month,palm fruit is always in season. The interesting cultural info of palm fruit is that African palm fruit has been providing oil and nourishment to Africans for at least 5,000 years this important fruit has different names like Mchikichi,Mubira,Mjenga,Eyin,Munzi and Aba . Banga soup today is taken in different parts of Nigeria and it’s a sort of national pride in the delicacy department.


Preparation time:2hours

Difficulty in cooking: medium


  • 500g of goat meat. (Seasoned)
  • 2.2 cups of palm fruits.(cooked)
  • (500g of stockfish(Presoaked)
  • 250 g of pomo(cow skin cut)
  • Onion (chopped )
  • 100 g dried crayfish
  • dried Cameroon pepper
  • dried smoked fish.
  • dried oregano leaf.
  • salt.
  • garlic /ginger. ( chopped)

Recipe Method of cooking.

Place the washed meat in a pot

salt,onion ginger,garlic and cover to cook for 30 minutes or till tender.

Add smoked fish and stockfish,pomo(cowskin) cook for 10 minutes put aside.

Preparation of the palm fruit to extract the juice.

Wash the palm fruit very well put in a large pot add 2 litre of water boil for 10 minutes drain water out and wash the palm nut by hands rubbing it together with little water than add in 1 litre of water into it,

but some people pound it gently till it puffs,drain and strain the chaff away Pour the red liquid into a sieve

Put in a pot and cook 30 minutes or till it thickens add in the cooked meat and dried smoked fish and also cooked stockfish and pomo(cowskin)into the red palm liquid on fire

add in salt to taste and add in dried pepper,dried oregano leaf do not cover because it will boil over cook for 10 minutes or more serve with either rice or swallow meal or what ever u desire to eat your banga soup with.

Nutritional values

An unrefined red palm oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E,vitamin A,vitamin K Carotenes, lycopene,tocotreinol,tocopherols and it is use in places of cod liver oil for correcting vitamin deficiency.

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