Beans is a common name for large seeds of legumes which are use for human and animal food.Beans are rich in phytonutrient and antioxidants.There are different types of beans both in shapes,sizes and colours e.g black beans,kidney beans cranberry great northern, dark red kidney,pink,pinto and small red beans.Small red beans are very high and good source of protein,excellent source of fiber and all beans are naturally trans fat i.e fat free,cholesterol free and are good source of potassium. Beans eaten either boiled or made in different ways like Akara(beans ball),or moi moi either steamed or baked and one pot beans recipes with other ingredients like yam,potatoes,plantain and rice.

  • However you like your beans it can be made into different recipes depending on the choice of beans you are using.Akara is mostly popular in the Western part of Nigeria though most Nigerians know and eat Akara it is appreciated by other ethnic groups,like the igbos,Hausas e.t.c Akara(bean ball).


Dry Black eyed beans(1kg)

Red paprika pepper.(2 )

3.chili pepper. (2 )


5.salt. (1 table spoon)

6.vegetable oil.(1 litre)

7.Aadun seasoning powder(as desired)

8.Ginger(2 inches)

9.Garlic (4 cloves)

Serve-10 people or more

Preparation time:1 hour

Cooking time:Not more than 4 minutes for each ball until golden brown

Frying instructions of akara:

  • Soak the beans in water for 3 minutes

Rob the soaked beans in between the Palms and if the coat comes off easily then it is ready for peeling,start robbing vigorously with the Palm until the beans are totally peeled then wash away the peel with lots of water until the beans are totally peeled and cleaned.

Add the pepper,paprika and onions with garlic ginger

Soak in water for some hours to with baking soda to soften the beans for blending so as not to damage the blender blade. After this time then start blending and pulsing in batches with some water added to make the blending easier.

  • when making akara timing is very important,after grinding the beans you stir in only one direction so that the air doesn’t come out,add salt to taste keep stirring
    add a little warm water and keeping stirring till fluffy scoop with a deep spoon little by little into hot oil fry 2minutes each on both side turns golden brown, dain in a kitchen towel and serve with koko

Akara is of One of the food that can be said to have its roots in Nigeria,and its accompanied with pap(koko)a semiliquid corn or maize meal based food that we know as pap(koko)as we saw earlier Akara is made essentially from beans and bits of other ingredients like pepper, onions e.t.c on the other hand pap(koko)is basically extracted from corn or maize and prepared with hot water and taken with Akara with sugar,milk as well and best served hot.

According to nutrional experts each ball of Akara contains 71 calories approximately if prepared with basic things like pap(koko)its calories contents for fat is just 10 and protein is high as 45. Pap(koko)a popular staple use of corn or maize is of another nutritious and healthy food corn here is one plant that qualifies as medical value and also good for the heart,its wholly natural with no additive what so ever it contains potassium which is good in lowering B.P(blood pressure) and it contains high level of water which is why nursing mothers use it to help the flow of breast after delivery further athletes drink and enjoy pap because it helps restore the water they lost during athletic activities it also gives


1)1 kg yellow corn or white

1) 4 cloves of garlic

2) 2 inches of ginger

3).20 litres of water.

Preparation methods:

  • soak corn in a big bowl for two days,drain water after two daysm wash corn properly till all dirtst is removed,grind with electric grinder or blender till its smooth,add water till semiliquid form
  • Sieve the semi liquid mix in a semi coarse mesh sieve and later in a fine mesh sieve finally.

Recipe for pap(corn meal).

1:fresh raw semiliquid form corn paste two. 2:large pot on the cooker bring water to boil under high heat

Preparation time:10 minutes

Boil water in a large pot for till its boils,add semiliquid corn paste into boiling water and stir for till it thickens and smoothen without any lumps

Then serve alongside 4 pieces of the akara

Nutritional benefits

pap(koko)…..mostly it carbohydrates but since its mostly liquid it has water which help restore lost liquid i.e rehydration and helps quickens digestion. Interestingly pap(koko)is also enjoyed by babies,when babies start solid eating that is from six(6)months maize pap(koko)is said to be a healthy because of supply of vitamins,minerals, antioxidants and acts as laxatives and also good for good eyesight. Maize,corn,contains vitamin B and C,folic acid,and provitamin A(i.e precursor to vitamin A)maize is rich in phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, iron selenium and has a small amount of potassium and calcium. Originally called mahiz by native Americans, maize is a grain more commonly known use as in several varieties recipes such as popcorn and dent corn which grounded and used as corn chips, sweet corn is as it it is can be eaten right off the husk and a very good source of fiber. A cup of corn contains 125 calories, 5grams of protein, 2.9 grams of dietary fiber 27 grams of energy providing carbohydrates, total fat contents 1.9 gram which includes no cholesterol and 1.4grams of healthy unsaturated fat. It has been noted that maize can be grown in almost any soil and in almost any weather condition.