My Grandmother dry fish stew with dry roasted catfish and mackerel fish.

This is one of the old recipe I had made before being admitted to the hospital,I didn’t had a chance to blog about it because of the nature of my illness. I have always been a lover of fish and seafoods generally. So I can boast of growing up as a kid with a good nutrition. My Grandmother God rest her soul never let us have much of meats and my mother knew my favourite was either goatmeats or offals when it comes to meat consumption so she doesn’t even bother with me as far as she was concerned mama spoils us. Also I like to cook my dry fish stew with already cooked and thicken pepper,paprika and tomatoes mix,apart from the fact that it shortened the cooking time it also add a nice appearance to look appeal of the stew. When I was young our grandmother used to blend pepper and tomato mix when the it’s in season and cheap then cooked it under low heat and pressure with some Palm oil so it doesn’t foam over the top when cooking. And I always find the look of any soup made with her pepper/tomato mix better appealing than when cooked with freshly blended peppers. So sometimes I just do so out of habit. The last time My mom came visiting me in Germany she brought me two extra large whole dry roasted catfish she bought from Badagry and I decided to add my own marinated roasted mackerel because I don’t intend to cook both fish at once. If in Lagos you can add roasted pomo/cow stripes and dry red jombo shrimps. I can assure you the taste is waoh.


Red Paprika 4 pcs(cut seeds removed )

Tomatoes 4 large sizes (cut)

Onions 1 large bulb (diced/divided)

Scotch bonnet pepper 1 pcs (seeds removed/cut)

Palm oil 4 soup spoonful

Aadun seasoning powder 2 tsp

Salt 1 tsp

Dry roasted catfish 1 very large size (wash and cut in 4 pcs)

Mackerel fish 2 pcs (gutted,washed seasoned and oven grilled )

Steps to cooking roasted catfish and mackerel soup.

  • Pour in the blender the paprika and tomatoes and pepper with ginger ,garlic and onions pulse every ten seconds and blend till fine, Set aside.
  • Put on the cooker and set your pot on. Add your Palm oil pour in the onions and some garlic if you love your soup garlicky like me it’s good for health. Make sure the oil is not more than 5 minutesand end up with a Smokey flavour that is not desirable for this soup. After this pour in the pepper mix in the pot and start cooking.
  • While cooking wash the catfish in warm water and some salt remove the bones and divide the catfish into 3 to 4 parts because its large. I usually roast my own mackerel fish but if you can buy them in the stores or market it also good.
  • Add to the cooking soup Aadun seasoning powder and a teaspoon of salt let cook for ten minutes longer or when you noticed the soup starts to thicken.
  • Throw in your the catfish let simmer for 2 minutes under medium low heat then add in the mackerel fish stir and let simmer for 5 minutesto be served with eba a Nigerian mannioca grits swallow.