I had prepared this recipe many times in the past even before going to the hospital for surgery only for me to ask my husband for some because I was craving for a local dish then i remembered the pot of ayamase I have in the freezer and he told me frankly he had finished it. I was a little bit disappointed but what can he do , he loves ayamase and he eat it all end of story.

What made me even more frustrated is the fact that I couldn’t get Ofada rice at the Afro shop to cook and serve with the Ayamase sauce, every shop I went to have no Ofada. And what’s the essence of ayamase without Ofada rice eh?.

Anyways for those who don’t know Ofada rice. Ofada rice is named after the place where it is grown which is Ofada town in Ogun State part of Nigeria West Africa. Another type and specie of Ofada rice is Abakaliki rice grown in the eastern part of the country. Ofada rice is Oryza glaberrima also known as African rice. It’s categorised as brown/red or white.

It’s a local type of rice which is unpolished and because of its difficulties in milling some of the bran is still left on the rice grains. This is responsible for the strong flavour of the rice. It is highly aromatic and the bran adds to the fiber and mineral content of the rice. That’s the reason Ofada rice is more expensive than other rice.

Ofada rice is traditionally serve with Ayamase on ewe eko or uma leaf. The health benefits of Ofada rice includes dietary fiber needed for managing diabetes and other health challenges like controlling blood cholesterol,weight management,lowers blood pressure and provision of bulk fiber for colon management and not limited to cancer protection due to the presence of trace Selenium. Don’t be surprised if you are not Nigerian when attending high society parties in Nigeria Ofada is often served as a sign of high end status in parties.

Ayamase sauce


Ayamase which is Ofada sauce is from the Southwest of Nigeria Ijebu Tribe in Ogun State to be precise . Ayamase is also known as designer stew in eating any kinds of rice or specifically Ofada rice. Ayamase is cooked with green paprika and an interesting thing I found out by experimenting today is that I used one medium size tomato ,crayfish and dry grounded Cameroon pepper. Naturally this particular pepper from Cameroon has a very aromatic flavour that when combined with crayfish beats using scotch bonnet pepper coupled with the aromatic flavour of the locust beans with the smoky partly bleached Palm oil makes this particular Ayamase a winner anytime. I used several of meats parts for cooking this recipes that is why I sometimes call my ayamase recipe as Ayamase with 9 lives because of the different parts of meats i used in cooking the sauce.


Preparation Time:45 minutes

Cooking Time :35 minutes

Cooking Temperature :Medium

Difficulty in cooking: Medium


  • Green and yellow paprika 3 pcs (seeds removed and cut)
  • Dry Cameroon pepper 1 tbs
  • Fresh Tomato 1 medium size (cut into piece )
  • Onions 1 large size(diced and divided )
  • Locust beans 2 tbs
  • Stock broth 100 ml
  • Grounded Crayfish 2 tbs
  • Palm oil 350 ml
  • Hard boiled eggs 2 pcs
  • Beef stock 100 ml
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Aadun seasoning powder 3 tsp
  • Cow skin 150 g
  • Cow stomach (washed/cleaned) 200 g
  • Gizzard ,liver,lungs,heart and cow sinew 250g
  • Goatmeats 100 g

Recipe preparations and cooking instructions

  • First season all the meats parts , except the lungs, liver and hearts. The sinew you can start boiling right away because its more difficult to cook till tender.
    • The reason my husband calls my recipe Ayamase with nine lives is because he said the meat parts ingredients including eggs when he counted it was nine so that is why he called the recipe Ayamase with nine lives lols.
  • Pour the paprika and tomatoes with onions,ginger and garlic into the blender and pulse after 10 seconds so it doesn’t blend finely. Tips; I usually sieve the blended coarse paprika mix because it will cook faster shortening the cooking time.
    • Pour Palm oil inside the cooking pot and start bleaching under medium heat with onions for 10 minutes it’s not necessary to bleach the oil totally a golden dark brown colour is what you need. The flavour is better and not undesirable smoky flavour apart from that an important tip is adding a little salt to the Palm oil so that it doesn’t let out smoke or burn then remove the burnt onions .
  • apart from that an important tip is adding a little salt to the Palm oil so that it doesn’t let out smoke or burn then remove the burnt onions .
  • Add the locust beans in the oil and fry well, this brings out a very nice aromatic flavour for about 7 minutes.
  • Separate the meat parts in plates ,

  • Pour the paprika and tomatoes mix and start cooking add the stock broth,and the Cameroon pepper with the sinew and cow skin and cook further for 15 minutes before adding another parts of meats.
    • After every 5 minutes add the remaining meats parts starting with the cow goatmeats then the cow stomach, pour the lungs, livers,hearts and gizzard let simmer and add the crayfish with the hard boiled eggs. Add the seasoning powder and taste for salt and add according to your taste. Then stir the stew together reduce the cooking temperature and let simmer for 5 minutes and there it’s ready your own designer Ayamase Ofada sauce.