Hurray!!! Summer is here and it’s that time of the year when the heat wave is making people uneasy and readily tired. This is the perfect time for making some thirst quencher and energy source. When I make juice I like to combine several fruits that readily provides energy and other health benefits like Vitamin C and phytonutrients for body functionality .

The most juicy bases are the juice are oranges, water melons,and pineapple with apples. These fruits have high water content so can be combine with fruits like berries,carrots ,plums and apricots etc amongst others too. It depends on which kinds of fruits you prefer.

A portable juice making machine is all you need and you have your freshly expressed fruits juice. For the orange and lime with lemon because I have to express alot I electric orange juicer which afforded me the opportunity of also getting all the juices from the oranges,lime,and lemon.

Juicing expresses the juices from fresh fruits whether manually or electrically and this resulting fluid contains most of the Mineral,Vitamins and phytonutrients in the whole fruits. You can make fruit juice and keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days before they start to lose nutritional values or you make what you can finish in one day because the longer you keep the more nutritional values it loses.

Water makes up to 91% of water melon and it’s a good fruit for rehydration it contains antioxidants and phytonutrients good to help fight high blood pressure and heart disease. It also contains citrulline a chemical that reduces muscle soreness and prevents inflammation.

Orange juice on the other hand is loaded full with Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and helps us heal faster if we have wound. It’s also high in antioxidants that helps fight harmful free radicals with protection against heart related diseases.

Pineapple contains not only Vitamins and Minerals,fiber but also enzymes and Vitamin C with energy. It contains 75% of daily requirement of Vitamin C requirements that fights against common cold and boost our immune systems.

Carrots are high in Vitamin A and Vitamins E,D,C and K plus Potassium,Calcium and Magnesium. The rich color of carrots is from the carotenoids an antioxidants and a Vitamin A derivatives important for improving and boosting the immune system. Prevent eye diseases and improves eyesight,improves skin health,moves the colon with its bulk fiber, balancing blood sugar and fights inflammation amongst many other health benefits.

No matter fruits you choose to make your juice it’s a good choice making fresh fruits juice once in a while in the week or month depends on how busy you are.



Preparation Time:45 Minutes

Making Time:1 hour

Storing Temperature: 1 – 4 degrees Celsius.


  • Fresh water melon 1 medium size
  • Pineapple 1 medium size
  • Carrots 6 big sizes
  • Apples 6 big ones
  • Apricots 6 pcs
  • Green and red Wine berries 300 g
  • Oranges 6 medium sizes
  • Lime 2 pcs
  • Lemon 4 pcs
  • Plums 6 medium sizes

Juicing preparations and instructions
Peel the pineapple and carrots cut into small pieces and also peel the water melons too

Prepare the juicer machine and the orange juicer too. Cut the oranges and other citrus fruits in halfs and express the juice. I use an electric orange juicer which afforded me ease.

When juicing Apple it’s better not to peel so to be able to get some of the minerals from the peel including some phytonutrients. Wash the other fruits.

  • Start by cutting the fruits into small pieces and begin juicing using the machine. u

This is the result a freshly prepared mixed fruits juice.