Spinach is one vegetable for efo riro in Europe is made with baby spinach orTurkish spinach,sometimes lamb lettuce, we have different varieties of vegetables back home used in making efo riro. Of Course sometimes if you want to make Egusi soups or any delicacies that calls for ugwu(Nigerian spinach ), if lucky you can get at Afro shops but not often.
Efo riro is my favourite soup and there different ways in making efo riro based on the way you like your vegetable even though the Real efo riro is made with different kinds of vegetables traditional to the Yoruba people of West Africa. Some people like their efo riro hot water blanched, which of course let out all the water soluble vitamins and makes the vegetable very soft. And some people steam blanched theirs using a metal strainer by putting the vegetable in a strainer and placing on top of a pot boiling with hot water, most of the water soluble water soluble vitamins and it retains the phytonutrients too that is responsible for the green color in green vegetables.
As for me I neither boil or or steam my vegetables, I like the colour intact and all of nutrients available. I remember when my grandmother used to take me to Oyo Atiba town,my great grandmother used to make efo riro for us,with lots of locust beans and mushrooms and with only crayfish oh I used to enjoy this delicious delicacies from her. And of course it has that village touch that is so uncommon these days. She never uses pepper from the machine, never! Only from the grounding stone. I learned how to grind from her and it was not a good experience. I was grinding and I felt so excited for knowing how use a grounding stone, I didn’t know that you don’t your to scoop the scotch bonnet pepper and the dry chili pepper. My cousin actually told me to be careful but I went on using my hands because find no reason why I should not. About 15 minutes after I finished grinding I started having burning sensations on my hands it was so hot I flew outside jumping up and flinging my hands in the air. Only when red Palm oil was rubbed over where I have touched my body that I felt better even at that my hands still hurt for days. I never asked my great grandmother again for efo riro because of not wanting to be asked to grind the pepper, lols
My mom on the hand cooks the modern version of efo riro,with all the Ingredients to make it so special.
Efo riro is a special soup amongst the Yoruba and favoured above other soup. As a matter of fact it’s ranked according to the various assorted meats and fish you used in making the efo riro. We have efo riro with 2 lives like the one my great grandmother used to to cook. And there’s one of 7 lives and lastly the ultimate the one with 9 lives.
Efo riro can be enjoyed however lives you wish to prepare your own it’s a winner anytime.

Serves :8
Preparation Time: 45 minutes
Cooking Time: 1 hour
Cooking Temperature: Medium
Level of Efforts: Average


2 Paprika
6 big size tomatoes m
2 scotch bonnet pepper (you can use1 but I like my soups hot)
100 g dried shrimps
300 ml red palm oil
200 g marinated goat meat
500 g assorted meats (cut,washed and precooked )
1 medium size stock fish (presoaked in water for one day)optional
2 tablespoon locust beans
1 inch ginger grated
2 cloves garlic minced
200 ml stock broth
4 tablespoons of.Aadun seasoning powder or other seasoning cubes
2 tablespoons of salt (divided )
200 g Smoked fish
2 300g pack of fresh baby spinach or frozen. (I used both)
200 g of smoked cow skins (washed)
2 Big Onions Bulb


1 ; Pour marinated goat meat together .add the ginger,garlic,and an onion ball sliced in a soup pot,add some water
Put the mix on medium high heat,let cook for 30 minutes
then add the precooked assorted meats ,stir together and continue cooking
2; Blend the remaining onions with the ginger, garlic,paprika,tomatoes,scotch bonnet, with dry chili not too fine.
in the cooking pot,bring out all the meat and pour the stock into a bowlThen gradually add the the oil in soup pot add the locust beans let fry for 5 minutes add the blended paprika mix and add the stock broth with the smoked cow skin and the stock fish ( optional)and start cooking till the soup thick and start to fry.

4: Pour marinated goat meats and assorted meats parts add the remaining chopped onion bulb.
Put the mix on medium high heat,let cook for the 10 minutes

 5 stir together and continue cooking add the Smoked fish andthe crayfish and stir with more stock broth if too thick but not much.

6: Then gradually add the vegetable and stir until everything becomes one mix let cook for 5 minutes(this is why it’s called,Efo riro. Because you turn the vegetable until the soup is ready)leave to cook
to cook for 4 minutes more,then it’s ready

7: Bring water to boil in small pot and add the flour in while turning at the same time until smooth and firm under medium heat ,then mold into balls and serve in a bowl , this is called Amala,and u can serve with the efo riro soup taken together .


wp-image-1556837231jpg.jpg,and you can eat with the Efo riro soup taking together morsel by morsel