Ingredients.                                                           1.Garden eggs(20).                                             2.pepper.                                                               3.oninons.                                                             4.salt.                                                                     5.palm oil.                                                     6.locust bean.(iru).                                             7.beef or smoked fish.                                        8.pomo(cow skin).  

Preparation time:1 hour 

Cooking method:boil garden egg in hot boiling water till its tender for 10min at most,remove eggplant from hot water into a bowl let when cool mash put aside.



 Put a pot on fire add 5 table spoon of palm oil let it heat for a minute add in (iru)locust bean in oil let fry for a minute add in puréed pepper,chopped oninons smoked fish salt and let it cook for 2min,add in the mashed eggplant cook for 10min.

Eggplant also known as garden egg is a species of nightshade grown for edible fruit.Eggplant is a common name in the northern parts of America, Australia and New Zealand.

Nutritional values of eggplant.                         The garden egg plant or eggplant is a very   good source dietary fiber, potassium, manganese, copper and also vitamin B6.