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About us

About Aadun foods

Aadun is a word from Yoruba tribe of Western Africa country,Nigeria.

it means sweetness and it was launched in 2016 by a foodie who is on a mission to revitalise the way we see food ,not only for consumption only but also as a tool that can be used not necessarily as a cure but to help together with medication and good lifestyle to combat certain and prevalent diseases and conditions so as to improve the quality of life and general well being of all individual interested in making an effort. Be it getting information on health related issues,interviews , market survey to finding that specific special recipe or to the best kitchen practice apart from what was in place.And also to nutritional information about what you cook to eat or feed your loved ones with

Aadun foodie blog makes it an enjoyable,informative,worthwhile efforts for foodies to enjoy what they love doing healthily.

Our mission is to be an authority and helpful blog in the world of food all over

Rahmat Ibironke Adekeye Mause is the sole founder and CEO of Aadun foodie.

it was founded after she relocated to Germany where she got married and decided to pursue a career that she was trained for.

She has A degree in food science and technology with practical experience from Shell Nigeria, Chevron Nigeria and the Nigerian Air Force.

how it works

Find the right recipe for you health wise

why choose to eat junk when you can actually eat healthy and sumptuous foods that allows you to feel better and have a much better self esteem about your body.our unique search allows you to find recipe , information,interviews and exercise and workout plan based on topic , condition and taste with, nutrition,allergy,better kitchen practices and techniques and much more,so that you can find that special recipe just for you.

Get recipes that matches your taste and healthy criteria and diets and allergies and by this we will give you the best recipe

tell us your taste preferences and we get you the perfect recipe and information on it.

Market survey

our blogger goes around market in and around Lagos Nigeria to and London to find you where you can get the best and what,at the best market price.

Nutritional health blog.

Our professionals bloggers on nutritional information who are qualified food science and technology degree and masters holder will at all times bring to you relevant and up to date writings on various food and nutrition topics for your delight.

Olalekan Ibrahim Adejumoh is a multimedia journalist, writer and caterer. Passionate about good healthy foods and healthy eating culture who is a mass communicator and committed to accurate news reportage, public affairs analysis and building positive relationships. He grew up in a catering home, he’s since developed unflinching love for good and healthy food. He researches, writes and reports healthy diet.

Email: olamy22@gmail.com 

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