Efo riro 

Efo riro is a special soup amongst the Yoruba and favoured above other soup. As a matter of fact it’s ranked according to the various assorted meats and fish you used in making the efo riro. We have efo riro with 2 lives like the one my great grandmother used to to cook. And there’s one of 7 lives and lastly the ultimate the one with 9 lives.
Efo riro can be enjoyed however lives you wish to prepare your own it’s a winner anytime.

Ayamase Ofada sauce with choiced assorted meats parts

Ayamase which is Ofada sauce is from the Southwest of Nigeria Ijebu Tribe in Ogun State to be precise . Ayamase is also known as designer stew in eating any kinds of rice or specifically Ofada rice. Ayamase is cooked with green paprika and an interesting thing I found out by experimenting today is that I used one medium size tomato ,crayfish and dry grounded Cameroon pepper. Naturally this particular pepper from Cameroon has a very aromatic flavour that when combined with crayfish beats using scotch bonnet pepper coupled with the aromatic flavour of the locust beans with the smoky partly bleached Palm oil makes this particular Ayamase a winner anytime.

Okra seafoods gumbo recipe served with rice

The okra is an excellent source of antioxidant Vitamin -C, providing about 36% of daily recommended value and research  has shown that consuming food  rich in vitamin C helps our body to fight against all kinds of infections and even protects the body against it by boosting the immune system and increasing the body’s resistance to infections and harmful free radicalsOkra is good source of Vitamin B -6 complex pyridoxine,thiamin,and pantothenic acid. It also contains considerable amount of Vitamin K ,which is a co factor for blood clotting enzymes and its required for  of bones.