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Different types of Recipe Cuisines.

Global Cuisines

According to wikipedia, cuisines are a set of cooking culture or styles and traditional way of cooking associated to a particular groups of people or regions of the world. Each cuisines involves food preparation with a peculiar style and various types of foods with drinks native to that particular groups of people making and consuming an individual meals known to them.

The names,preparations and ingredients used in making a particular cuisine originates and is local to the geographical regions where the people who are the originators of those cuisines.

A cuisine can be regional and based on the availability of food stuff and ingredients in that region. This type of cuisine is often influenced by climate,trade,cooking practices ,culture and tradition differences of the people of that region. This can also be influenced by ways and daily living and kitchen routines of those set of people over an extended period of time that much that has become the norm and usual practice in a certain region or country of the world.

Types of World Cuisines

  1. African Cuisnes 

Mostly African cuisine make use of vegetables and fruits alot including cereals and milk based protein such as whey and curd in various dishes and delicacies. 

Different regions of the continent have their own distinctive style and methods of cooking preparations techniques and consumption preferences. This characteristic style of cooking tradition is often associated with the cultural practices and way of living of particular set of people in a specific location and region of the continent.  

International Cuisines This is also often times refers to as continental cuisine eaten in European countries especially cuisines from America, England,  Australia, New Zealand ,Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Spain including some parts of South America and Australian cuisine  . Other cuisines includes Oriental cuisine, Mediterranean cuisines to Indian,Greek and Turkish etc. 

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